Careers at DATA INC.

DATA Inc. believes in retaining top talent and is committed to creating a work environment that nurtures and encourages our employees. We aim to give every member of our team a chance to build their career and provide resources designed to help them enhance their knowledge and expertise in their chosen field.

The philosophy of DATA has always centered on retaining top talent and building relationships. The organization is a caring workplace, and all of our employees have the support necessary to find success.

Communication is key to the organization in assessing employees’ needs and we have teams dedicated to working with field consultants, developing better consultant relationships, and providing for each employee’s well-being. Additionally, we take great care in adapting to each individual’s circumstances. As needed, we offer flexible time, remote work, and even allow employees to bring their children to work.

The results of these and other policies have led to significant gains, the long-term retention of key talented employees and consultants, and the incentive to uphold one of the founding principles of DATA Inc., building relationships one person at a time.

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